Marketing Overview

Why do we run campaigns?

Together we have faced issues such as budget cuts, violence towards drivers, outsourcing, bargaining stalemates and more. The best way to address these issues as they happen is to first have established a voice that is heard loud and respected by our employers.

To do this we need to gain public support. Voters, influencers and riders can pressure politicians to listen to their needs and ours.

We know through research that transit and infrastructure is one of the most important and valued items to citizens when it comes to living in a vibrant city. We know that transit matters to our citizens from asking them what they think. Whether they are part of our ridership or our community transit matters to them.

The goal of our campaign is to build on the awareness of ATU Local 583, to ensure that when citizens fight for public transit they know they are fighting for us. When they vote for their City Council and Mayor they are doing so with the knowledge that we are the people who keep transit running and we are part of the pride they feel in their community.

What has been done so far?

We have run two phases of the campaign so far (one spring and one fall 2018). In our first year, our focus was improving public awareness - teaching the public who we are, what we do and why it matters.

From our annual research we know we moved the needle in these areas and increased awareness of ATU by 7 points.

We believe as your Union, our job is to ensure you are supported in every way possible and having public support gives us a voice on the matters affecting transit and our transit operators.

Each phase of the campaign has been approved by the membership at the Regular Membership Meeting.

2018 Campaign