Campaign Results

We are working with a team of experts whom we sourced via recommendations from other unions who have experienced success in working with this group. They are called OKD Marketing and have offices in Burlington and Calgary. Through them, we have sourced research groups who are hired independently as experts to test public perceptions on transit matters as well as give us a benchmark and annual results on how we are being perceived by the public so we know how we are doing and where we can continue to improve.

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Awareness of ATU 583
Pre and Post 2018 Campaign

Awareness of ATU 583, Pre and Post 2018 Campaign

What the research showed us

We ran two surveys by an independent research group. The results of the surveys are based on a sample of 400 residents of the City of Calgary, aged 18 years and over. The first survey was conducted online between March 2018. The second survey ran in October 2018.

Research Highlights First Survey

  • Results from the first round of research showed city infrastructure, including roads and transit, is the top concern of Calgarians. Moreover, Calgarians view a well-functioning transit system as an important contributor to the city’s economic development and vibrancy. They also believe that improvements to transit need to be made to alleviate traffic congestion and that a well-functioning system helps protect the environment.
  • When asked to rate the service provided by transit workers, over half of Calgarians say it is excellent (12%) or good (45%). As well, most Calgarians agree that Transit Operators put safety first, are friendly and are helpful. Most lack the personal experience to know if transit workers are good at dealing with verbally and physically abusive passengers.
  • Just half of Calgarians (46%) don’t have an opinion on the pay that Transit Operators receive. Among those with an opinion, they are much more likely to think Transit Operators are fairly paid (35%) than overpaid (11%) or underpaid (8%).
  • Approximately four in ten Calgarians (41%) are aware of the Amalgamated Transit Union. When given a description of the members that ATU 583 represents, a large majority (62%) don’t have an opinion about the reasonableness of ATU 583 when addressing member issues or negotiation with the City of Calgary.
  • This survey was designed to establish a benchmark measure of public opinion in the City of Calgary and to identify areas where ATU 583 may want to focus its communications efforts in order to influence public opinion. Going forward. ATU 583 needs to:
    • Leverage the positive feelings about transit, and emphasize the importance of the contribution its members make to the City of Calgary, and
    • Focus on the quality of the service its members provide, and their dedication to their work.

Research Highlights Second Survey

Where possible, this report compares responses from the current survey with those gathered in March.

One in five of Calgarians (19%) saw at least one execution from ATU Local 583’s recent advertising campaign:

  • 13% saw the transit shelter ads,
  • 9% percent saw the online banner ads, and
  • 4% percent saw online video ads.

  • Reactions to the ads are generally positive. More than six in ten believe the campaign presents Calgary Transit workers in a positive light (69%) and presents ATU Local 583 in a positive light (62%).
  • Recall of the ads and positive reactions to them tends to be higher among regular transit users, those already aware of ATU Local 583, and those with positive evaluations of ATU Local 583 and transit services.
  • Awareness of ATU has increased by seven points since March and now stands at 48 (up from 41%). Awareness of ATU is particularly high among those who saw ATU Local 583’s recent advertising campaign (57%).
  • Public opinion on other matters related to ATU Local 583 is unchanged since March 2018 (e.g., transit worker pay, reasonableness, views on transit, transit ridership, evaluations of transit services, evaluations of Transit Operators).